Polygamy vs. Monogamy

Have you ever wondered what these things are? Or if you know, do you put yourself into a certain category?

Well, that’s what I been questioning myself for quite a while now. Polygamy or Poly-amorous behaviours vs Non-monogamy and of course full Monogamous behaviour.

Well like I said I been questioning these statements a lot and I think it’s time to hear other people’s stories or thoughts. Poly people ARE different than Non-monogamists in the sense that Polygamous people can be in love with another person and have an emotional or mental relationship with another person other than their main partner, and have no physical contact or limited physical expression.

Non-monogamists from what I read and was told by other parties is when you don’t necessarily have much of an emotional relationship with another person as you do sexual/physical. In both cases I believe that both would have to be sustaining an open relationship with their main partner for it to work. (That is just my opinion based on talks I’ve had with my partner)

For me, I don’t necessarily feel as if I am Poly but I do feel a deep love for specific friends (like 2 other friends other than my boyfriend, one male and the other female) that I feel emotionally towards my boyfriend as well. To clarify, I lean on them quite a lot and feel just as attached to them as I do my boyfriend. I have a love for them but no desire to physically engage if that makes sense. But the love I feel for them is the same as it is for my partner in the way that we yearn each others presence and all that. It is very, very tricky for me to explain.

If anyone would like to help me out I’d appreciate it greatly.


Contraception and Conceiving.

Well here I am with more controversial thoughts blasting through my head.

Contraception and Conceiving. I wanna talk about the different types and what seems more taboo than the others.

What I mean by that is IVF (In vitro fertilization), Donor clinics and adoption vs. having your own children and yeah.

So first off if you don’t know IVF and donor clinics kind of go hand in hand with what they do. You need a donor to be able to have an IVF. Apparently according to the one case I read you can either yes, use the cup and the plastic syringe or you can have sex. Don’t know if that’s true but it’s a lot cheaper than adoption which also has its benefits. 

Over here in Ontario international adoption is about 40-50 thousand dollars and domestic I guess I’m gonna call it would be around 10-12 thousand dollars. Which obviously for a lot of families is unrealistic, at least with what I make between my bf and I. So IVF is actually a lot cheaper and when I say a lot I mean it’s only 400-650$ from the one clinic I checked. That’s quite a lot less. If you want multiple inseminations it costs more but still less overall than adoption. Adoption does have its perks which I don’t even need to list because it’s almost obvious.

Contraception. What type is best? What do your prefer? I took pills and I ended barfing up half my guts every second week segment so I stopped. I know there’s a patch and a shot as well or a nuva ring but what’s most comfortable? Also condoms are an option but I mean mostly female contraception.

What would you recommend and what one do you use and why. Help a girl out haha. Anyways the downsides to pills is that if you miss one you need to take two the next day or chance getting pregnant. So I don’t really know what to do? 

Leave me a comment telling me your thoughts on IVF or adoption, why you would choose what you would choose and what kind of contraception you think is best and most effective.

Fantasy RPG games

Today’s topic is Fantasy RPG games! I am really passionate about these okay let me tell you.

Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, Steampunk etc. Any of these ring a bell for anyone? I’m not here to throw out facts and say that they help kids with social setbacks become better at conversing and imagining or how it improved my English and Math skills. I’m simply here to tell you that they are downright fun and a great way to nab in some family or friend time.

For me these games helped me through some pretty dark times in my life and being able to escape that and play as a character that isn’t me, in a different world really helped me step back from reality for a bit and just have some pure fun and joy for a bit with those I love. There’s more than just playing the game as well. Painting the miniatures is also a great pass-time and I even built the temple of Apollo at Delphi for a school project from my acquired skills. I can’t really express or explain just how much fun I’ve had surrounding myself with my best friends every weekend to play together and the creativity and freedom I feel when playing as someone other than myself just fills a void I have.


It isn’t just for nerds or geeks it’s for everyone truly. If you haven’t tried a table-top RPG I highly recommend checking one out especially Dungeons and Dragons which has a huge stigma over it. We are NOT devil worshipers. We are teenagers that need to escape to a world where everything and anything is possible, magic and Dragons, freedom that we will never attain here on Earth. In D&D it doesn’t matter what race you are, how big or tall you are, what religion you believe in if any at all. Anyone can be a hero. And that’s why I love these games so much.drizzt

P.S this is Driz’zt Do’urden and he is one of the most hated races in the Realms and he still became a Hero that millions of people fell in love with and root for. :’)


What do we really know about our galaxy? (Aliens pt.2)

So following my post about aliens (If you haven’t read it yet you can if you don’t want to you don’t have to either).

What do we really know about the galaxy or space if you will. Sure we know it’s huge and our perception of space is never-ending and ongoing but how far do we really and truly look?

Does “Oumuamua” ring a bell? It should if you been keeping up with the news. Recently a strange instellar oblong shaped asteroid entered out solar system from God knows where in the universe. That’s huge news! If you haven’t seen it yet here it is.


​Here it is. The sky scraper sized chunk of rock that drifted its way into our solar system. If that’s not cool enough for you maybe this is. It is covered in an organic insulation. So clearly there is a lot more out there we originally thought.

The speculation that there could be life on it was actually taken seriously by NASA and other like organizations which shows that the potential for discovering life is continuously getting closer and closer.

What do you think of this discovery and where do you think the large space rock came from?

My brain is overflowing.

Welcome to the dark side of my brain.

Do you believe in Aliens? or better yet extra-terrestrials or any kind of outer space different race? I do, and I’m not talking about the funky little big-headed dudes and I’ll tell you why.

How many planets do we have in our solar system alone? and how small and insignificant are we, on this tiny arm called “The Milky Way” compared to the rest of the Galaxy? I mean take a look for yourself. (I have this poster btw it’s beautiful and big)you-are-here-space-maxi-poster-1.11

See that little cross-haired circle down near the bottom. Yeah that’s us and THAT up there is the rest of the galaxy. WOW am I right? So with that being said. Who are we to think we are the ONLY planet in even just our galaxy to have life? To me it is impossible to think that there is no life out there somewhere that is similar to ours or even more or less developed. When I talk about aliens I don’t mean these guys. These little typical movie aliens that abduct you and probe you.


I mean the literal definition of “Alien” which is simply meaning “foreign” or “unknown” to us. Do you ever just look up at the stars and question if there is other life forms out there? and as you’re staring up at the sky you wonder if something or someone else from a different planet is watching the stars thinking the same thing? Because I do all the time and to me, it is exhilarating and existential and really makes me wonder “what is my place here? what am I compared to what’s out there?” Space is so expansive and large, beautiful and just mysterious. There is still so much we haven’t even discovered and so many galaxies just out of reach that could contain habitable planets like earth. We haven’t even finished exploring our own galaxy yet and there is always mystery lurking just beyond our touch.

So do you believe in “aliens” or other life forms existing outside of earth? Do you believe in the typical alien or the flying saucers? If you didn’t believe in aliens before do you maybe think now that there are other life forms out there wanting to discover us too?

Let me know your thoughts and if anyone has had experiences they would like to share with me personally or you just have questions or feel the same, you can email me or leave a comment 🙂

My very first blog post.

Hello, Welcome to my brain and all its wonderful, strange ideas and experiences.

Naturally, I’m not used to talking to other people about stuff- ANYTHING for that matter and I’m sure some of you can relate to that (Introverts like myself). So I thought today, why not start a blog where I can just unapologetically be ME.

So here I am. Writing….I want to be uncomfortable right off from the start and bring up a touchy subject that sparks conversation if anyone reads this. Abortions. Pro-life vs Pro-choice and what it means to me. For me I’m a Pro-choice simply because there can be complications in Birth and sometimes that person was raped and can’t live with what has happened. But for myself I’m Pro-life…does that make sense?? I’m healthy and young and I would NEVER dream of having an abortion unless it were life-threatening for the child or for the child AND myself.

I think the idea of closing down abortion clinics is absolutely absurd because it is their choice ultimately and if they don’t want the baby they will find a way of getting rid of it whether it be safely, or unsafely (coat-hangers or dumpster children). So why not keep it safe? at least have the option there because I’d rather have them do it safely rather than harm the child or fail to abort it themselves and now there is a child with serious physical or mental disorders who is going to suffer, or worse they could grow up in a family that makes it known to them that they are unwanted (that’s not always the case, in many cases the child has changed their life and they are glad they decided to keep the child). That’s just my idea on it. I don’t fight against those who wish to have one because it is their own life and they will do what they believe is right for them no matter what anyone says. However I personally will never want one or get one no matter the case.

So, What are your ideas on abortion are you pro-life and why? or are you a pro-choice? it’s really up to you and what you believe I’m just genuinely curious to see what your reasons are for whatever. I also believe that there is a huge stigma around abortion and that it should be talked about more often as it is something that happens a fair bit in our society and that’s what’s on my mind tonight.